Ukrainian railway history talks fundraise for nation

29 March 2022
Railway historians will live stream on March 30, 2022 on a diverse range of railway subjects to raise money for the country in partnership with the British Red Cross.

History for Ukraine organised a number of free to watch talks on its YouTube channel on March 30. Railway historians, geneaologists and members involved with Britain's heritage railway sector collaborated to provide six hours of railway-related entertainement, commencing at 16.00. View the talks on playback, here

Viewers are to be encouraged to donate to The British Red Cross Society’s Dec Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal which is set to be bolstered by donations through a JustGiving page, set up by History for Ukraine.

Last weekend History for Ukraine held a general history and genealogy online speakathon – which to date has raised more than £48,000 for the Dec Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal. Its JustGiving page organised by Natalie Pithers explained, "This event allows us to share our expertise on a range of historical subject matter. We do so in support of Ukrainian history and all those who work toward the better understanding of Ukraine’s past, present, and future."

Through historical study, analysis and distribution, thoughtful inclusivity and integrity can be amplified in a complex world.

Working together and mobilising our intellectual and professional networks for this event, will foster discussion and show the best of our global discipline in all its forms. We call on everyone to join us in enjoying the history we are providing, and to give generously for the Ukrainian people devastated by this senseless war."

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Viewers are advised to visit the History for Ukraine website ahead of the schedule and follow the link to tune in live. Planned talks for the live stream event are as follows (times quoted are BST and approximate):

  • 16.00: Chris Philips. Supplying the frontline – lessons from the Battle of the Somme, 1916
  • 16.30: Aparajita Mukhopadhyay. The enduring promise of progress from the railways
  • 17.00: Tim Dunn. How Ladybird books explained Britain's modern transport
  • 17.30: Sophie Vohra. A whistle-stop tour of the National Railway Museum's lesser-known gems
  • 18.00: Jacqui Kirk. A spotlight on UK railway company staff magazines
  • 18.30: Gordon Dudman. The Victorian Stationmaster: gentleman crook
  • 19.00: Mike Esbester. Safety First! Everyday accidents on Britain's railways
  • 19.30: Simone Gigliotti. Relief on the rails: Tracking the mobilisation of Europe's railway network to evacuate Ukraine's war victims
  • 20.00: David Turner. Differing perspectives on best-kept station competitions, 1880-1939 – corporation, staff and passengers
  • 20.30: Rob Dale. Arbiters of memory: trains, photographs, and the propaganda cult of the great patriotic war
  • 21.00: Francesca Elliot. A model or a 'real thing'? The case for Stephenson's Rocket as a remnant model
  • 21.30: Erin Beeston. Heroes, animals and engines: eclectic displays of railway history in interwar Britain

For further details on the event, visit the History for Ukraine's website, or visit its JustGiving page.

View the talks on playback, here


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