TT:120 vehicles join Osborn's range

28 June 2023
Seeking road transport for your new project in 2.5mm:1ft scale? This Devon retailer/manufacturer has you covered...

Osborn's Models has ventured into 2.5mm:1ft scale with a new range of 3D-printed vehicles for TT:120 scale layout and diorama builders.

Osborns Models TT:120 Dennis fire engine

With ladder and cab light detail, the Dennis fire engine is suitable for modellers of the 1980s.

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Osborns Models TT:120 Dennis fire engine

Designed and made in-house by the model shop, its (A3DTT070) Dennis Fire engine at £18.95 is a fully-finished and glazed ready-to-plant model, while its popular decorated and ready-to-plant Ransomes and Rapier mobile yard crane (A3DTT091) is also rescaled at £17.95.

For further details or to place an order for the above models, visit the Osborns Models website.


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