Tramfabriek creates 'print-at-home' figurines

31 March 2023
Downloadable 1:76 scale figures offered free for modellers and collectors to 3D-print at home.

Tramfabriek has started to offer figurines in 1:76 scale as free downloads from its website. The figurines can be printed on resin 3D-printers, for those who have access to one.

Its first releases include female figures to drive steam locomotives, plus male drivers added to the collection. The manufacturer says that its 3D models haven't been 3D-scanned, but designed on a computer, providing unique figures, commenting, "The technique used makes it possible to make an unlimited variety of poses, or quickly add variation to the look of the figures."

Available now (with more coming soon) are:

  • (001) Linda, a fire woman at the Ffestiniog Railway
  • (002) Britta, a locomotive driver at the Ffestiniog Railway in classic Victorian outfit
  • (003) Tom, a locomotive driver at the Ffestiniog Railway in overalls made to fit in the Kato/Peco Small England model, looking through the porthole window
  • (004) Andrew, a locomotive driver made to fit in the Bachmann Quarry Hunslet with open cab

Tramfabriek scale 1:76 figures

Figures from Tramfabriek's range, from left to right – (001) Linda, (002) Britta, and (004) Andrew.

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For those modelling in other scales, the figures can be scaled up or down, depending on 3D printing software. Tramfabriek plans to release a new free figurine every Wednesday, with its range so far available to view or download from its website.

Tramfabriek model figures 1:76 scale


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