Trackside signs from Sankey Scenics

02 December 2022
Colour-printed in three scales, ready-to-cut and apply to models, these sign packs should interest multi-era modellers.

A number of trackside sign packs is available from Sankey Scenics. The recently-introduced additions to its range are available in 2mm:1ft, 4mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft scales, covering the latter-end of the steam era to the present day. Prices per pack start from £2.99, each.

Sample packs provided across the three scales highlight the numerous options for modellers, from 'sound whistle', to catch point warnings, water trough boards, tunnels, gauge warnings, incline and descent markers, CCTV, telephone, stop, site information, parking, live wire signs and more.

Items must be cut from the sheet with scissors or the sharp blade of a scalpel or craft knife, before affixing to posts or structures with a multi-purpose adhesive.

Sankey Scenics 2mm assorted trackside signs

Sankey Scenics 2mm:1ft scale assorted trackside signs, left, and 4mm:1ft equivalents, right.

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Sankey Scenics 7mm contemporary trackside signs

Its sheet of 7mm:1ft scale contemporary trackside signs will assist modellers of more recent times achieve better realism on a diorama or layout.

See the full range of products from Sankey Scenics and current pricing across its scales on its website.


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