Tomorrow: Rails of Sheffield open day

26 August 2022
One of the nation's favourite model railway retailers prepares to welcome visitors to its premises on Saturday, August 27 – here's what you can expect.

Rails of Sheffield is to host an open day on Saturday August 27, welcoming manufacturers to its premises alongside customers for what promises to be a mecca for the railway modeller. Customers to both its well-stocked stores with displays can look forward to store-only offers and discounts on the day that won't be available online.

A large selection of pre-owned goods are promised at competitive prices, with tea, coffee and refreshments offered. 

Manufacturers such as Peco, DCC Concepts and Cavalex will be available to answer questions, Peco and DCC concepts demonstrating use of their product ranges.

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Peco is expected to showcase its new TT range of track. Meanwhile, DCC Concepts is to launch a new product during the day. 

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For further details about the store, or to enquire about specific products that might be in-store on the day, visit the Rails of Sheffield website.


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