TMC 'G5' CAD images shown, but some variants dropped

16 November 2020
The Model Centre's limited edition LNER G5 Class 0-4-4T for OO gauge takes a step forward with its CAD design, however, some variants are dropped over cost control.

North Yorkshire-based model retailer, TMC has unveiled images of its CAD for its forthcoming 0-4-4T 'G5', being produced exclusively for the retailer by Bachmann. Tooling is said to commence shortly, however some variants have been dropped to meet costs.

Announced with a promising specification, models would take into account tooling variations for: round or triangular cab rear windows, coal rail, cage or hopper and cage bunkers, taper or group standard buffers, forward or rear dome boilers, Ramsbottom or Ross pop safety valves, with or without vacuum brakes, cab roof or cab front whistle positions, smooth or rivetted smokebox wrappers, different smokebox doors, wheel or handle smokebox darts, with or without push/pull gear, and with or without Westinghouse pumps.

TMC LNER G5 0-4-4T

Above (35-251z) to be numbered as 1759 and produced in NER lined green.

TMC said, "The list could have been longer but whilst tooling variants to give maximum flexibility are what we aimed for, the final cost to the customer also has to be a consideration. Consequently, a number of identity changes to what was originally announced have had to be made, and two locomotives won't be tooled at this time." Locomotives concerned are 35-257Z and 35-258Z.

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Further changes include:

  • 35-250Z, which will be numbered as 2093 with a coal rail bunker
  • 35-256Z which will be numbered as 67282 with a hopper bunker
  • 35-259Z which will be numbered 67261 with a cage bunker

LNER G5 0-4-4T TMC locomotive

The forthcoming locomotive will feature a Next 18 decoder interface, fitted speaker and firebox LEDs. DCC sound-fitted and weathered options will be available from the TMC workshop.

The retailer continued, "This is without doubt the most complicated project TMC has ever been involved in, and whilst it is taking longer than originally anticipated, we believe the end result will be worth the wait." It has cited delays were because of the many variations between class members, which have presented challenges for all involved with the project.

For updates on orders or to amend pre-orders, visit the TMC website.


Your specifications do not include any input into how simple basic maintenance operations are made possible. I recently started to take apart the relatively new locomotive I had just purchased to check for the lubrication status. The main screw like item, which held the bogie to the chassis, and its recessed location made that very difficult. I eventually used a regular nut and bolt to assist in its being replaced. That operation was apparently required before I could remove the body. The minute screws which hold the body to the chassis have a distinct habit of getting lost. I found out the hard way two of them only had to be loosened ! Getting them back in place was interesting to say the least. The larger screw at the front of the body was not accessible without the bogie first being removed ! Catch 22 ! Do the CAD drawings allow required clearances to be checked for such, before final production clearance is given??

Posted by David Watson on Tue 06 Sep 21:40:22