'Titfield Thunderbolt' wagon pack

05 April 2023
British film nostalgia grows with release of a rolling stock triple-pack for 'OO', celebrating names from the 1953 'flick'.

Rapido Trains is to manufacture a triple-pack of The Titfield Thunderbolt-inspired wagons (SKU922004). The pack utilises existing forthcoming Rapido UK tooling, seeing previously unannounced liveries, and includes: an ‘Iron Mink’ van in Valentine & Taylor Wines & Spirits livery, a 1907 seven-plank open wagon in Titfield Coal Company livery and a 1907 five-plank open wagon in Pearce & Crump livery. 

RRP for the triple-pack is £99.95, with orders being taken until May 26, 2023. The new pack is endorsed by Studiocanal, which owns the rights to The Titfield Thunderbolt.Rapido Trains Titfield Thunderbolt wagon pack

Rapido Trains Titfield Thunderbolt wagon pack

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The manufacturer commented, "We expect this pack to be extremely popular with collectors and fans of The Titfield Thunderbolt alike and we recommend placing your orders as soon as possible."

Rapido Trains Titfield Thunderbolt wagon pack


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Lovely Idea, I remember the film so well (I am 76). Hurls me back to an era when I was a child & everything was an adventure. Much too expensive for me to buy though.......

Posted by David Flood on Mon 10 Apr 10:39:10