Timodel to introduce powered paint shaker

05 October 2020
The brand from family-run Isle of Wight-based model shop, Upstairs Downstairs, is to distribute an innovative paint tin and bottle shaker via model shops from November.

Timodel's paint shaker is designed to solve common problems for railway modellers and figure painters. Paint is made of pigment, suspended in a liquid. If it isn't correctly mixed, it can cause issues such as streaks and blotches. On small scale models, these issues may require modellers having to restart the painting process. The paint shaker helps mix modelling paints thoroughly to avoiding streaks, flakes, drying issues and inconsistencies when painting.

Timodel paint shaker

Supplied in the kit, three adjustable bottle or tinlet retaining straps, a wall transfomer if powering via the mains, and the paint shaker unit.

Powered by a motor creating vigorous vibration that mixes the paint thoroughly, simply strap the paint bottle or jar (up to 35mm in diameter) to the shaker and apply power for 10 to 20 seconds. Melvin Welsh, product manager of Timodel said “Timodel aims to provide innovative solutions to modellers’ problems. Our first product, the paint shaker, helps modellers achieve a better finish to their models.”

The Timodel paint shakers can be used plugged in to the mains via a transformer (included), or, use with batteries because some modellers work in different locations like a studio, office or kitchen table.

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Timodel paint shaker

The unit has an on/off switch and simple 'V' shape to hold the bottles and tins in place.

“The paint shaker can be used with most modelling paints including enamel, acrylic, laquer and oil. It accepts common sizes of jars, bottles and tinlets for maximum versatility," added Melvin. "Traditionally, people have shaken their paint by hand, which is impossible to do for any length of time, leading to under-mixed paint. Some have used a mixing tool that is inserted in the paint bottle or jar. Using this method not only creates splashes and waste but modern modelling paint bottles have an opening too small to allow the tool to be properly inserted. The Timodel paint shaker mixes the paint externally by shaking it.”

More details will be published on the Timodel website, with an RRP expected to be in the region of £27.95.



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