This weekend: construction of second platform at Dore & Totley

11 July 2023
Hope Valley Railway upgrades continue with expansion of station leading to "better passenger experience for customers".

Work will begin this Saturday July 15, on the construction of a new platform at Dore & Totley station in Sheffield. The platform is being built as part of the Hope Valley Railway Upgrade. This will see new infrastructure and track, and several station upgrades and line speed improvements, along the Hope Valley line.

The new platform is expected to help facilitate and improve journeys for passengers travelling along the line between Manchester and Sheffield as part of the wider improvement work to train journey times. It has been over 30 years since Dore & Totley station had a second platform, with the original island platform demolished in the 1980s.

Rail Minister, Huw Merriman said: “Building a second platform at the bustling Dore and Totley station in Sheffield is another way the Government is demonstrating its continued commitment to transforming travel in the North.”

“Through our Hope Valley Railway Upgrade, we are easing bottlenecks, delivering more capacity and improving connectivity and reliability between two dynamic Northern cities, Sheffield and Manchester”.

Dore station upgrade

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Graeme Whitehead, Senior Sponsor for Network Rail said: “Re-introducing a second platform back to Dore & Totley is the centrepiece of the Hope Valley Railway Upgrade, creating a better passenger experience for our customers.

“We’re excited to mark one more milestone on the Hope Valley Railway Upgrade, as we continue to work to improve journeys between Manchester and Sheffield”

Along with the new platform, the work at Dore & Totley also includes the installation of a second line of track and signalling work through the station, the extension of Dore South Curve railway line and the installation of a fully accessible footbridge with lifts. Elsewhere on the Hope Valley Railway Upgrade, work is progressing to build a new passing loop at Bamford, to enable passenger trains to pass slower freight trains, while the team are completing the final elements of work on the newly installed Hathersage footbridge, which has replaced Hathersage West level foot crossing.


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