The results are in! RMweb publishes its Quirky Poll 2023 results

05 January 2024
The festive poll asks which unusual locomotive modellers would like to see appear ready-to-run in the future.

The Quirky Poll is run over Christmas on RMweb every year. It's a popularity contest for some of the more unusual potential model locomotive subjects. Voters are asked to select only those models they would actually buy, which is of interest to the manufacturers. In fact, one item on the poll list has already been announced! 

The team of Robert Carroll, Chris Knowles-Thomas, John Lewis, Jeff Lynn, Brian Macdermott, Nick Stanbury and Ian Taylor listed 25 really interesting models that wouldn't normally feature in traditional wish lists, and below is how they ranked in popularity. 

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Quirky Poll 2023 Ranking

  1. Aveling & Porter Loco 
  2. Ivor The Engine 
  3. LNER Y10 Double-ended Sentinel 
  4. Bulleid Shunter No.11001 
  5. Furness Railway A5 0-4-0 
  6. K&ESR Railcar Set No.3 
  7. GER Nielsen Y5 
  8. BR Nos.15097-15099 (Originally LNER Simplex Z6 Class, later Y11) 
  9. Trevithick’s Loco 
  10. Locomotion 
  11. GWR Dean 4-4-0ST No.13 
  12. NER Aerolite 
  13. Wantage Tramway No.6 
  14. Snowdon Mountain Railway 
  15. Southwold Railway 
  16. MR USA Mogul
  17. LMS Motor Car Van
  18. ye & Camber Tramway 
  19. Ryde Pier Tramway
  20. Head Wrightson 0-4-0 VBT
  21. Wissington Railway
  22. Beckton Gas Works No.1
  23. NER Class S2 with Stumpf Uniflow Cylinders 
  24. Beckton Gas Works No.25
  25. South Metropolitan Gas Works St Orion

For more information about the poll and the voting details, head to RMweb here.

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Interesting stuff. What about main-line locos that are severely ignoredi? .e. NER B16.BR standard 5 with Caprotti valve gear.similarly d49 with rotary gear.I'm assuming Hornby are going ahead with high detail Black5MT variations

Posted by Peter Heath on Sun 07 Jan 11:45:20