The Great Model Railway Giveaway - Part 3

21 April 2023
Would you like to walk away from The Bristol Model Railway exhibition with a layout under your arm? Well, you could. In our final giveaway, we are offering possibly the best layout yet.

Our latest giveaway is "DHAPR Wagon Works", which Phil built last year.

Although pretty much complete, the new owner will need to supply some electrics, including a controller, plus rolling stock.

Add legs and a lighting rig, and you will have a very nice little layout you could take to exhibitions.

All you need to do to win this model, is tell us how you would develop it. We'll pick the most promising, and arrange for them to collect the model at the Bristol Model Railway exhibition.

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Closing date for entries - 9am 24th April - so you don't have much time!

We'll also be staying in touch with the new owner, and hope to bring readers an update in a few months' time.

For full details, watch the video, and all will be revealed. You'll also find a discussion over on RMweb.


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