The 2019 Wishlist Poll results

08 November 2019
The annual Wishlist Poll is your chance to vote for the models you'd like to see produced by manufacturers in OO gauge. Voting for 2019 has now ended and the results have been counted - let's take a closer look.

Topping the Wishlist Poll this year is the USATC S-160 2-8-0. The locomotives were built in the United States and shipped to the UK during WWII to help the Big Four with the Allied effort. After D-Day, these locomotives would spend . A surprise to some perhaps, but fourth most-popular in the overall Top 50 line-up is the WD Austerity 8F 2-10-0 - both demonstrating that interest in WWII locomotives is on the rise.

Second-most popular is the GWR 'Manor' 4-6-0 (Nos. 7800-7829), followed by the BR Standard Class 2 2-6-0 (Nos. 78000-78064).

4-6-0 'Manor'

Gloucester Central Station, with a stopping train to Hereford. 4-6-0 'Manor' No. 7815 Fritwell Manor (built 1/39, withdrawn 9/65). Ben Brooksbank

The SR's U 2-6-0 and Q 0-6-0 classes find themselves in fifth and sixth places flying the flag for Southern Region modellers. Interestingly, the Class 89 finds itself in ninth place, the first in the list of electrics or diesels from which voters had to choose. Topping the list of wagons is the GWR internal-framed 'Siphon G'.

Download the poll results below, to analyse the results:

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  • The Industrial and Underground categories were deleted for 2019 and 112 new items of ‘core content’ were added. The SECR 'D' Class 4-4-0 (Locomotion Models) and JSA Covered Steel Wagon (Accurascale) were announced in October 2019, too late to be removed from The 2019 Poll data. The KSA 'Warflat' announced by Trains4u in June 2019 was inadvertently included this year.
  • 2511 voters took part in the 2019 poll vs. 2537 voters in 2018 and 2473 voters in 2016. The Poll didn’t run in 2017.
  • The Wishlist Poll team is comprised of railway modellers who have developed The 00 Wishlist Poll since 2012. They are unpaid and independent. Although The Poll is ‘hosted’ by RMweb, it is otherwise in no way connected with it.




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