Superquick adds stone goods depot to range

07 May 2021
The popular card kit manufacturer's latest kit for 4mm:1ft scale modellers depicts a stone-build goods depot.

Commonly found in an industrial environment, a goods yard, or alongside a small station complex, these facilities enabled goods to be safely unloaded from wagons under cover and onto a hardstanding surface of similar height to the wagon deck.

Superquick's new kit (A7) is partially modular, with platforms repositionable to either side of the building. A single-track entrance and internal platform detail is provided. Its outline dimensions, given in millimetres are below:

superquick goods yard kit

Superquick kit instructions

Colour instructions for the card kit are comprehensive and well-illustrated. A card glue such as UHU (or similar) is recommended.

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Ideal for locating at the centre of a remote hub at the crossing between road and rail to transfer goods to and from the railway. For further details on the new kit, including current pricing and availability, visit the Superquick kits website, or see your local stockist.


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