Storage cassettes to make marshalling easier

18 January 2022
Intentio creates modular storage cassettes to help modellers assemble and store trains faster.

A new laser-cut modular storage OO gauge cassette system has been designed by Intentio. The MDF base and sides are available in 335, 503 and 670mm lengths, designed to accept standard lengths of Hornby or Peco track. Of use to modellers who assemble short train consists, or who need to regularly place a locomotive at the head of a train, the design slots into place precisely thanks to its tapered guides.

laser-cut storage cassette Intentio

Swap locomotives or rotate stock more easily, the units can be used to help with railing of stock, too. Units are supplied without track, but match propriety set track laid on a 3mm underlay.

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The following lengths of track are required:

  • Medium (335mm) requires a double straight ST-201 / R601 / 36-601
  • Large (503mm) requires a standard straight ST-200 / R600 / 36-600 and a double straight ST-201 / R601 / 36-601
  • Super (670mm) requires two double straights ST-201 / R601 / 36-601

Intentio is capable of manufacturing custom lengths and other gauges upon request. For further details, current pricing and availability, visit the Intentio website.




Looks like a very interesting system, but I went to the website and failed to find anything about this product. I will look back in a few days time to see if the storage cassettes have been added.

Posted by Christopher Jones on Wed 19 Jan 12:20:37