Squires Tools aquires the Freestone Model Accessories range of kits

22 December 2023
The range includes Townscene back scenes, BILT EZEI, Prototype Models, Howard Scenics and Scene-Setters Glazing Bars.
Modellers who enjoy assembling cardboard kits, will be delighted that these ranges haven't been lost.
First on sale, is the Townscene range of painted backscenes. As well as complete vistas, there are individual buildings to allow the modeller to personalise the background to their model. The buildings are suitable for all eras, and available in both OO and N scales.
BILT EZEI kits first appeared in 1958, marketed by Hamblings. Printed in colour on 1mm thick card, they have been a staple of model railway layouts since then. While they are harder to assemble than more modern ranges, because the parts have to be cut from the sheet, the results have always been well-regarded thanks to the quality of the designs and the characterful models that are produced.
Howard Scenics kits and materials date from the 1980s and have always enjoyed popularity with finescale modellers. A smaller range than the others, there is a selection of embossed brick card sheets in 4 and 7mm scales as well as the pre-printed building kits.
Scene-Setters Glazing Bars are printed plastic sheets providing windows, much like those found in Metcalfe kits. A very useful resource for those kitbashing or scratchbuilding model structures.

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