Six new arrivals from Scale Model Scenery

07 June 2023
Hot off its printers and laser-cutters, these new scenic accessories span 'N', 'TT:120' and OO scales.

Incoming from Scale Model Scenery, these new kits caught our attention...



  • What: (KX098-OO) Old Dairy & Lean To
  • Scale: 4mm:1ft
  • Price: £14.99

Though its description says it's a dairy, this kit could be repurposed as a workshop or stores for railway or industrial use. The design is typical of many buildings of this type that can still be seen all over the British Isles, with stone walls and slate roof with wooden shutters to the windows. 

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Scale Model Scenery UW203

  • What: (UW2003-N) Low Relief Large Georgian Town House
  • Scale: 2mm:1ft
  • Price: £7.99 

This low-relief N gauge Georgian Town House makes a grand statement as part of a street of smaller buildings or as part of a longer terrace such as those found in larger towns and cities like London, Bath & Liverpool. Designed to sit close to a backscene, it takes up minimal room, but makes maximum impact with its grand doorway with porch and detailed stonework. The kit is supplied with all the necessary doors and windows, roof panels, and downspouts to create a model with minimal effort. 

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TX-280 Scale Model Scenery

  • What? (TX280-OO) Rusty & Weathered Corrugated Iron Sheeting
  • Scale: 4mm:1ft
  • Price: £4.99

Add cladding and roofing to your industrial, quarry & farm buildings with this pack of five A4 sheets (210mm x 297mm) of photo-realistic, rusty and weathered corrugated iron texture paper. The realistically weathered corrugated iron panels including intricate details such as fixings, rust patches, and slightly damaged ends to the panels.


Scale Model Scenery Modular english bond brick TX-263

  • What? (TX263-N) English Bond Dirty Red Brick Paper (pack of five)
  • Scale: 2mm:1ft
  • Price: £4.49 

These printed sheets can be cut to any size. Printed in-house by the manufacturer onto matt white paper using a digital press, the sheets can be cut to size and glued to your chosen surface to add realism.


LX-410 Scale Model Scenery

  • What? (LX410-120) Pre-Weathered Laser Cut Roof Slates (A5 Sheet)
  • Scale: TT:120
  • Price: £5.99

With a pre-weathered finish with a lichen and moss effect, and including three rows of ridge tiles, these packs of 25 strips of 1:120 scale tiles have extra-wide slates for the ends of every other row. All you need is an adhesive to fix them to your model.


Scale Model Scenery Coach House Stables

  • What? (KX087-OO) Coach House & Stables
  • Scale: 4mm:1ft
  • Price: £24.99

Tempted by a more complex build? Take a look at this coach house & stables with detail such as hinge overlays on the doors, layered, glazed windows, pre-weathered roof slates, and painted white stone wall wraps with brick arches. Soot stained chimneys and separately-applied drainpipes complete the model. There's even the prototypical uneven ridge line, just like you see on many older buildings, constructed with detailed roof trusses for authenticity.

For further details on the above items, visit the Scale Model Scenery website.

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