Signal box kit headlines latest releases from Dexters Cove

20 October 2020
The 3D-printing specialist has revealed its latest additions to its range of layout accessories, amongst which, an eye-catching signal box.

Dexter's Cove is producing a new kit, depicting a wooden signal box, based on the former Llanilar 'box on the Carmarthen to Aberystwyth Line. Ideal for branch line stations, level crossings, or a small yard, the laser-cut and engraved plastic kit features resin details and self-adhesive roof tiles. Produced in a high-resolution print for 4mm:1ft scale, the kit is also available in 2mm:1ft, 3mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft scales.

The manufacturer is also offering a customisation service of the kit to customers dimensions, with the number of slats, angle and depth produced as required. Door and stair position can be specified as left- or right-handed, too.

Joining its range of building accessories are two louvres, also customiseable and made to order with a choice of size, shape, pitch and depth of slats as specified by customers, making them suitable for all scales. Prices vary, depending on scale and size, with prices starting from £5.

Dexters Cove louvre panels

Meanwhile, a selection of scale 3ft x 4ft station notice boards has been produced to a generic design, as used by many railway companies. Custom sizes are also available.

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Dexters Cove Station boards

For more details on all the above products, visit the manufacturer's website.




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