Sheet textures for TT:120 – out now

11 September 2023
Downloadable 'print-at-home' sheets created by Railwayscenics to meet new model demands.

In response to the introduction of TT:120, model scenery designer, Railwayscenics has expanded its range of downloadable texture sheets to now include 2mm:1ft, 2.54mm:1ft and 3.5mm:1ft scales. Sheet downloads are priced at £2.10 each, and will require printing at home.

Railway Scenics Model Texture sheet

Railwayscenics proprietor Stephen Lane commented: "Instead of simply using and recreating our existing files, we have enhanced the images used to create each page, resulting in a higher quality download than those previously sold with a less noticeable repeat pattern.

Railway Scenics Model Texture sheet

"After a lengthy process, we have finished updates to our entire collection of brick texture sheet downloads within our range. There are plans to launch new sheets in the near future giving an even larger range of products to modellers that want to modify other manufacturers card kits, or even to produce their own scratch-built models.

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"With these changes, our customers now have access to an extensive selection of over 50 brick and brick bond texture sheets in 2mm:1ft, 2.54mm:1ft, 3mm:1ft, 3.5mm:1ft, 4mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft scales."

The new and updated files are available to download from the website, but plans to introduce these as printed colour texture sheets are said to be underway.

For more details on the sheets offered, visit the Railwayscenics website.


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