SER signal box joins Dexter's Cove range

17 December 2020
Based on the former wooden boxes at Hythe and Sandgate, this compact kit might interest Kent area modellers.

Continuing its theme of signal box kit releases, Dexter's Cove has added a new variant, depicting a square SER 'box closely based on those previously seen at Hythe and Sandgate for 3mm:1ft, 4mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft modellers. Measuring 50mm x 50mm, the laser-cut and engraved plastic multi-media kit is enhanced with resin details, included. 

Dexters Cove SER signal box kit

The model can be customised with a choice of left- or right-handed door and stairs, and an optional porch. The roof is a single piece of 3D-printed high-resolution plastic.

For further details, current pricing and availability, visit the manufacturer's website.


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