12 May 2020
Congratulations to the round two winner of our See it/Make it competition, Stuart Hilton, who wins a Dapol OO gauge NBL Type 2 locomotive.

Entries closed on May 10 at midnight for round two of our See it/Make it challenge. The interpretation of the rusting 21T mineral wagon in Shrewsbury sidings was diverse, though many of you were prepared to share your efforts, demonstrating great weathering techniques. Here's a reminder of the wagon we were looking for you to replicate as closely as possible:

BR 21T mineral wagon

Stuart Hilton's winning entry was a great effort and he even created his version of the concrete-built buffer stop which was part of the former sidings. He's now the proud owner of this Dapol NBL Type 2.

21T mineral wagon

Stuart Hilton's winning effort, with overgrown vegetation and bufferstop. Stuart was the only entry who tried to model the 21T wagon, over a 16T or 24T variant. Bonus points for the bufferstop, Stuart!

Delighted with his new locomotive win, Stuart Hilton commented "The wagon is made from Airfix 16T kits, with U-channel solebars. The wheel bearings and springs were carefully removed and re-used. The brake gear was made up from kit parts and some scrap rod. After the coat of primer, the rest of the paint was dry-brushed, using a small pallette of colours. The layers were built up over a few days, and in different lighting conditions, to make sure I got as close to the original as possible."

BR 21T mineral wagon

Though slightly too long, we'll turn a blind eye - it's the effort that counts, Stuart.

Here's a selection of other great entries we received:

BRM See it make it challenge

Richard O'Hanrahan's (of Accurascale fame) kit-built 24T wagon with excellent weathering observation.

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BRM See it make it challenge

This husband and wife entry of a riveted wagon was a team effort by Gerald and Lily.


BRM See it make it challenge

Jimmy Walker's interpretation of the patina on a 16T mineral wagon.


BRM See it make it challenge

Andrew Smith's kit-built and weathered Dapol wagons.

Well done to all who took part and congratulations to Stuart Hilton. We hope all of you will put your new wagons to good use, or, simply leave them abandoned in a siding like the photograph!

Don't miss our next challenge - click here for all the details, you have until midnight on Sunday May 24 to enter. Good luck!



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