Scenic accessory start-up, Asis3D launches website

10 September 2020
A 3D-print component and accessory manufacturer has entered the UK market with a new website, promising a growing range of products for railway modellers.

Northamptonshire-based Asis3D is a new model railway manufacturing start-up which specialises in the design and printing of 3D objects for model railways. It has two brands, Railtrax which manufactures items for model railway enthusiasts, and The Racing Line, manufacturing items for Motor sport enthusiasts. The firm also offers a bespoke design and print service and can offer filament and resin printing in a range of materials, too.


A custom station canopy support designed by the manufacturer. Asis3D also offers a custom station sign service, too, with custom text made to your requirements upon checkout, in either capitals or lower case.


Joining its early range are a number of figures. Company founder, Andy Sisley believes that figures bring a model railway to life, but many manufacturers make every figure the same size and shape. "We are not all the same, some tall, some short, others slim, muscular or overweight. Our figures are available in a range of standing, sitting and running poses, and we're adding more to the range daily. We can make any figure to order, just tell us what you want."

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Figures are priced individually via its online store on Etsy, but multi-packs of its figures are promised to offer modellers better value for money.

ballustrade Asis 3D

A ready-to-paint 4mm:1ft scale balustrade, measuring 75mm in length.

cast iron railing posts Asis 3D

Cast iron railing posts for 4mm:1ft scale, 3D printed with 0.7mm diameter holes in each ball to take fine wire. The posts are designed to be planted, and can be easily painted.

For current pricing and more details of its range, visit its website.


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