Scalescenes launch downloadable small station kit in OO and N

07 January 2021
Redesigned for 2021, the company are offering a station platform along with shelter and lamp Hut in both 2 and 4mm scales for only £3.99.

Modllers can build unlimited length straight or curved platforms with a wide choice of realistic surfaces and elements to suit all eras.

The kit includes a barrow crossing, waiting shelter and lamp hut. Everything you need for a small station.


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    • A handy ballasting edge to avoid damaging the platform sides during this often messy process.
    • Manhole covers, drainage gutters and cable trunking.
    • Compatibility with Ratio fencing (ramps and gates).
    • Safety lines and tactile pavers.
    • Selection of different ‘MIND THE GAP’ and ‘MIND THE STEP’ markings.
    • Easy to follow illustrated instructions.

More details can be found on the Scalescenes website.


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