scalemodelscenery push the boat out with new kits

18 August 2021
By making use of traditional model boat building methods, the company has added a couple of waterborne models to its OO range.

The curves of a boat hull aren't an obvious candidate for production using laser-cutting, but scalemodelscenery has managed to do it by marrying their state-of-the-art technology to a method of building model boats that date back over 100 years.

"Bread and butter" construction involves making a hull from many slices piled on top of each other - a bit like making a very tall sandwich. Each slice is a different shape, and when brought together, the overall profile of the hull is formed.

Working in wood, the boat modeller would normally sand the outer layers smooth, but thanks to the company choosing to model a very useful clinker-built dingy, there's no need. The outer appearance will look just right as each slice represents the planks of the hull.

Simply pile the pieces up in order, fixing them together with card glue, and the modeller ends up with an attractive little vessel for either the quayside, seaside, or even a boating lake in a park. They could also be found upside down on dry land, and even transported by train as an unusual wagon load.

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The kits are available in both full hull and waterline form, so the models can be set into water (full hull) or just placed on the top (waterline), whichever works best for you.

More details can be found on the scalemodelscenery website.

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