Scalefour Society reduces membership costs

15 February 2022
The Scalefour Society has announced that it is reducing its membership subscription for the 2022-23 year.

The Society has benefited from a flourishing income – mostly due to the success of the Scalefour Stores, which provided members with many modelling necessities during lockdown. There have also been increased  efficiencies, as the Society has sought to get even better value for its  members’ money.

As a result, the Scalefour Society decided to make a reduction in membership subscriptions, for at least the medium-term future.

Even though the Scalefour Society subscription has been at the same level - £26 - for eight successive years, for the membership year to 1 March 2023, the base subscription will be reduced to just £24.

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For the subscription, Scalefour Society members get an excellent glossy magazine five times a year, access to the Scalefour Stores for essential finescale modelling supplies, a digital Handbook, participation in a lively and helpful Forum, and much more.

For Society members whose subscription is paid by Direct Debit, a further £2 discount will be given.

Full details of how to join the Scalefour Society are available on the Society's website at


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