Scale Model Scenery releases low-relief containers kit

22 April 2021
The model scenery accessory manufacturer produces a 1:76 scale kit, ideal for modern space-constrained layouts.

Scale Model Scenery has manufactured a new laser-cut kit with paper overlays which aims to depict three stacked containers, with approximately 8mm relief. Supplied with detailed instructions, the kit is designed to be placed to the rear of a layout against a backscene when assembled.

From container ports, to low-cost on-site secure storage, stacked shipping containers aren’t common-place on a model railway, but for those that require them, until now, a low-relief solution hasn't been available. Whether creating your own container port in a limited space, or adding a ‘would-be’ storage area for valuable locomotive parts behind a shed at your model heritage railway, the kit can be constructed in minutes. Two 4mm thick laser-cut MDF rectangles must be glued together, before wrapping with the paper overlay provided.

For further details on this kit, including current pricing and availability, visit the Scale Model Scenery website.

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