Scale Model Scenery – new accessory packs this week

06 February 2023
Road and crowd control accessories join expansive range offered by model scenery manufacturer.

Scale Model Scenery (SMS) has released packs containing 36 road 'cat's eyes' (LX508-OO) £3.99, and 20 crowd control barriers (LX509-OO) £6.99. Laser-cut, the accessories are designed to be affixed to your layout using a multi-purpose adhesive, or superglue.

Made from white-filmed black plastic, its cat's eyes are engraved to remove a fine layer of the film, exposing the black plastic beneath for a 3D-appearance. Though non-reflective, each pack should be sufficient to detail the average scale road where higher speeds are involved. Parts can be freed from the small fret using a sharp blade before placing them on the road in the gaps between white lines.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer's crowd control barriers – a commonly seen item placed around outdoor events, shows and exhibitions – required a minimum of assembly and painting, before adding to a layout. For best results, paint a metallic grey colour for newer-looking barriers, or a grey colour for older-looking ones.

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Scale Model Scenery commented, "If there's one detail that's seldom modelled on model railway layouts and diecast dioramas, it's Cat's Eyes... Yet they're everywhere on the UK's roads. And now you can add them to your layout."

See the SMS website for further details. 


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