Scale Model Scenery introduces roof sheets

07 June 2021
The laser-cut kit manufacturer releases roofing sheets for upgrading existing, or new model buildings.

Scale Model Scenery has introduced a range of roof slates and tiles for 1:76 scale. Pre-painted and available in plain or weathered guises to suit a number of applications, they are designed to be layered for a 3D effect.

Many building roofs are looked down upon from viewing angles, making them obvious when viewing a model railway. The printed and pre-cut roof tiles and slates can create variety among similar-looking buildings constructed from kits, and can be used to upgrade card kits with flat roofs. The components are designed to be layered to add detail to existing buildings, or can be used to ‘kit-bash’ current kit builds.

For full details, pricing and availability, visit the Scale Model Scenery website.

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