Ruston & Hornsby shunter exclusives for KMRC

31 March 2023
Seven model variants of the small 0-6-0 diesel-electric locomotive class commissioned and in stock with retailer.

Ruston & Hornsby PWM 0-6-0DE model shunters have arrived with retailer, Kernow Model Rail Centre. The Heljan-made models have a Next18 DCC decoder socket and working interior lights (controlled with a 'wand' device to switch them on /off). In addition, a working mechanical lubricator arm and separately-fitted hand rails, vacuum pipes, screw-link couplings, roof-mounted horns, air tanks and a lubricator box under the running plate on both sides mirrors those on the prototypes.

Weathered models are priced at £179.99 each, available in the following guises:

  • (K2400) PWM653 BR plain green
  • (K2401) PWM654 BR plain green
  • (K2402) PWM652 BR green wraparound 'wasp' stripes
  • (K2403) 97651 BR light green
  • (K2404) PWM654 BR blue
  • (K2405) 97653 BR yellow
  • (K2406) 97654 BR yellow

Heljan KMRC 0-6-0DE ruston & Hornsby

(K2402) PWM652 BR green wraparound 'wasp' stripes.

Chris Trerise, Managing Director, said: “Although the model represents only four prototype 0-6-0DE department shunters, they carried a nice range of liveries throughout their relatively long career, and three have been preserved, including 97651 on the Swindon and Cricklade Railway whose owners Paul and Peter Martin have kindly assisted us with the project.”

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Ruston & Hornsby 0-6-0DE Heljan KMRC

(K2406) 97654 BR yellow.

Five Ruston & Hornsby 0‑6‑0DEs were ordered by the Western Region for use in replacing 60ft track panels with continuously welded rail. They were designed so that they could be hauled from depots to work sites in permanent way trains where the traction motor would be re-engaged to enable them to shunt wagons. The ‘PWMs’ were never part of the capital stock list and were only ever allocated to Departmental duties. EWS withdrew the final two, 97651 and 97654, in 1998. The Exclusive KMRC models represent covers PWM651-654 (97651-97654), which were delivered in 1959. The pioneer, PWM650 (97650), built in 1953, had smaller wheels and other differences.


The OO gauge exclusives can be ordered from its website, or stores in Camborne or Guilford.


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