Royal miniatures to celebrate Jubilee anniversary

15 March 2022
Osborns Models releases figures of The Queen, Prince Charles and a Royal Guard to celebrate The Queen's Jubilee anniversary.

North Devon model shop, Osborns Models has created 1:76 scale (OO gauge) figures to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in 2022.

Cast figures of The Queen (OSBF070), Prince Charles (OSBF103) and a Royal Guard (OSBF081) have been produced as limited-editions and are sold pre-painted. The figures are available to purchase separately, though would be ideal if combined to create a cameo of a Royal opening ceremony, or Royal visit on a layout or diorama.

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For best results, we recommend affixing to a layout with a little BluTak or Tacky Wax from Deluxe Materials if mess-free repositioning or removal is required. A more permanent solution for fixing model figures to a layout is to carefully drill a hole in legs and glue in an overlength length of wire which can be glued into the baseboard or diorama for more strength.

For further details on the new figures, contact Osborns Models.


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