Routemex launches signal range for 'O'

02 April 2020
A new selection of improved two-, three- and four-aspect colour light signal kits for multiple eras with an assortment of accessories is available from the Scottish supplier.

Routemex (formerly is manufacturing a new range of O gauge colour light signal kits. Currently, its range comprises of two-, three- and four-aspect versions, each kit containing parts for one signal, with options to suit all eras. Different target boards allow a choice of three main versions, with an assortment of ID plates, telephone boxes and two base options.

Proprietor, John Neville commented "Ladders are easily assembled using the integral jig. The head box is pre-formed in two parts and light colours are realistic." Operation is by 12V DC and a regulated power supply is recommended. A two-way switch will be required to operate each signal. Kits contain brass, nickel-silver and resin components, with a pre-wired LED cluster.

Routemex colour light signal O gauge

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An exploded diagram of its three-aspect kit. Head box parts are held together with 12BA screws (supplied) and the back box is pre-threaded.

Routemex colour light signal O gauge
Three samples of its signals, which cover the 1920s to the present day.

Further details, including pricing and availability can be found on its website.


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