RMweb relaunches the Cake Box Challenge

07 January 2021
With modellers look for inspiration in the latest lockdown, and after a lot of requests, we are bringing back our Cake Box Challenge for 2021.

Lockdown can be touch - we are all looking for something to entertain us. With this in mind, the RMweb team have bowed to popular opinion, and re-launched our Cake Box Challenge competition.

The rules are simple; entrants must build a model that will fit in a standard eight-inch square, six-inch tall cardboard cake box. The scene must include at least two railway items. You can work in any scale and pick any prototype you like.

Additionally, the model must incorporate two items of rubbish. Again, we aren't worried about what you use, but with many model shops sadly closed for the time being, it's time to fire up your imagination.

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The competition runs until the end of March. Then entrants will be asked to supply three photos and 200 words of description. These will be posted on RMweb and the best models voted on by readers.

Prizes are to be arranged, we'll let you know as soon as this is sorted out.

Full details can be found over on RMweb.

We also have threads for many entries to past competitions you can enjoy and maybe find inspiration for your models.


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