RMweb launches the Quirky Poll 2020

24 December 2020
For a bit of festive fun, RMweb is asking which unusual locomotive modellers would like to see appear RTR in the future.

Bellerophon, Steropes or maybe Locomotion, just three of the suggested models you can vote for in this years' poll.

The team of Robert Carroll, Chris Knowles-Thomas, John Lewis, Jeff Lynn, Brian Macdermott, Nick Stanbury and Ian Taylor have listed 25 really interesting models that wouldn't normally feature in traditional wish-lists, to see which would prove popular if available to buy. 

Last year, the poll proved more popular then brussel sprouts over the Christmas break - and then Hornby surprised us all by actually introducing one of the models that gained a lot of votes - none other than Stephenson's Rocket!

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We can't promise this will happen again, but with manufacturers looking at ever more offbeat prototypes, who can say? 

Voting has now closed - and you can see the results here.


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