Revolution Trains to produce OO gauge 'Caroline' inspection saloon

28 May 2020
The model manufacturer makes a number of surprise announcements in N, OO and O, chief among which, a 4mm scale inspection saloon.

Revolution Trains is to produce a OO gauge model of inspection saloon Caroline. The model has been "extensively researched and is designed to set a new benchmark in RTR rolling stock" claims Revolution Trains. "It will feature accurate headcode and light variations, fully sprung buffers, era-specific driver’s desk, a highly detailed interior with separately-fitted era-specific chairs and numerous underframe parts."

Delivery of models is expected in early 2021, with CAD artwork being complete. Three liveries are proposed; BR Blue-grey (1969-1984), BR Network South East (1991-2003) and Network Rail SR mid-green (2015-present).


inspection saloon revolution trains caroline

inspection saloon revolution trains caroline

inspection saloon revolution trains caroline




  • British 00 gauge 1:76 scale

  • Accurately detailed bodyshell, chassis and bogies

  • Era-specific details including SR 27-way jumper cables, headcode boxes, plaque holders, 3rd rail shoegear, head and tail lamps, solebar step lighting, radio and GSM-R aerials, interior seating.

  • Provision for simple conversion to EM/P4.

  • Body-mounted kinematic couplers to NEM362.

  • Accessory pack including rubbing plates, end piping and cosmetic couplers

  • DCC ready 21-pin socket.

  • DC and DCC lighting to feature directional head/tail lamps, illuminated headcode box, interior and chassis side light.

inspection saloon revolution trains caroline

Operationally 975025 Caroline has been used for BR General Manager meetings, track inspection and line testing far and wide, but is perhaps best known for its many celebrity and VIP duties. Carolinewas formally designated for the National Collection in December 2008, and once no longer required by Network Rail will be preserved for the nation alongside its Royal Wedding counterpart, Class 73 electro-diesel 73142 (73201) Broadlands.

In other news, the manufacturer is teaming up with Heljan to offer its first O gauge/1:43 scale model – a limited run of 37405 in Direct Rail Services' 'compass' livery. Delivery is expected in December 2020/January 2021.

revolution trains class 37

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This release builds on the launch of Heljan’s successful and award-winning Class 37/4 locomotive and offers Revolution a chance to assess demand in the O gauge market. If successful, Revolution will examine options for upscaling other models to the “senior scale.”


Revolution Trains has said the project isn't crowdfunded, but is being backed by an angel investor to offer DRS fans and O gauge enthusiasts a much sought-after livery. The DRS 'compass' livery is being produced under licence from DRS and numbers are limited. The livery has been extensively researched and the model will be painted and printed to artwork generated by Revolution Trains. Artwork has been approved and the model is available to pre-order via its website.


Revolution Trains has also received EP1 samples of its forthcoming Ecofret container wagons in 00 gauge/1:76 scale and N gauge/1:148 scale. Models are expected late-2020, early-2021.


This is the first time the crowdfunding specialists have been able to simultaneously progress models in two different scales.

“Our models – in both OO and N – feature our usual high levels of detail and on the 00 model in particular we have aimed high – with separately fitted dampers rods on every bogie and, on the middle car, prototypical swivelling centre spigots that allow the modeller to load either a single 40ft or two 20ft containers,” said Revolution’s Ben Ando.


revolution ecofret





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