Revolution Trains to produce Class 93 for 'OO'

26 February 2021
The manufacturer is to produce OO gauge models of the new Class 93 tri-mode locomotive being built for Rail Operations Group (ROG) by Stadler, both expected in 2023.

Revolution Trains has announced its intention to produce models of the Class 93 locomotive, saying its model will feature "high levels of detailing, including photo-etched and separate components where appropriate, prototypical lighting arrangements, a 21-pin DCC socket and NEM couplers."

Full provision for DCC sound is promised, and factory-fitted DCC sound versions are to be made available. The model will be Revolution Trains' second locomotive, following its recently delivered Class 92 electric.

Ben Ando, co-director of Revolution Trains, said, “Having delivered our first N gauge locomotive to rave reviews, we are thrilled to have been chosen by ROG and Stadler to produce the Class 93 tri-mode locomotive – perhaps the most exciting and innovative development on the real railway for many years. “We are taking that spirit of innovation and, on the back of several well-received rolling stock models, stepping up with our first powered model in OO.”

Revolution Trains expects models will be available soon after the prototypes are due to enter service in 2023. Neil Bennett, Executive Chairman of Rail Operations Group, said, “Along with our well-established rolling-stock movement business, we have very exciting plans for the Class 93 including low-carbon logistics services operating at speeds of up to 110mph. I am delighted to be working with Revolution Trains on reproducing the locomotive in model form.”

ROG has ordered ten of the new locomotives, with options on a further 20, and the first is to be delivered in early 2023. The locomotive is designed to operate on 25kv overhead power supply, or via an on-board diesel engine, or using heavy duty batteries, allowing it to be almost silent while in stations or other built-up areas while optimizing efficiency across the network and maximizing low-carbon benefits.

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Models will be offered in the stylish green of ROG, and potentially further client liveries not yet unveiled. It is understood that the locomotives are to be named after ancient Roman Gods. Mike Hale, co-director of Revolution Trains, added: “It will be a challenge to produce, in model form, a locomotive that is largely still on the drawing board. We will work closely with ROG and Stadler to ensure any amendments made during construction, or testing, are replicated on the model.” The exclusive licence granted to Revolution trains covers both N and 00 and an N gauge model is expected to follow in due course.


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these Rail Operations Group Green class 93s look really nice tri mode locomotives, i can't wait till they are released soon in OO guage.

Posted by James Hoyland on Mon 26 Apr 21:55:57