Revolution Trains proposes re-run of 'Pendolinos' for 'N'

29 July 2020
Revolution Trains, with Rapido Trains of Canada, is proposing a re-run of its Class 390 models.

Several new liveries have adorned the Class 390 'Pendolino' sets since Revolution Trains' original model became Britain’s first crowd-funded train in 2018. The manufacturer is gauging interest to see if a re-run of the models is viable and has opened an ‘expressions of interest’ register on its website with a deadline to register of September 30, 2020.

Proposed new models to be produced by Rapido Trains of Canada, include nine-car and 11-car trains in Virgin’s 'Flowing Silk' livery;

Virgin pendolino

the current DfT 'Ghost' livery of plain pale grey;

DfT pendolino

Avanti new livery;

Avanti pendolino

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and the revised Avanti livery with re-vinyled driving cars, but plain intermediate vehicles.

Avanti Pendolino

“The original 'Pendolinos' were delivered two and a half years ago,” said Revolution’s Mike Hale, “but we aren’t sure whether there is enough new demand to justify another run. We’d urge anyone who’s interested to go to our website and consider registering. There’s no financial obligation but it will give us the confidence to proceed.”

Revolution’s Ben Ando added: “There are no 'Pendolinos' still running in the original colours, so now seems the right time to give N gauge enthusiasts the opportunity to model the latest versions. However, we can only do that if enough people let us know they want one – or more!”

For more information, visit the Revolution Trains' website


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