Revolution Trains makes guest appearance on popular radio show

19 July 2023
Last week, Ben Ando and Mike Hale, directors of Revolution Trains, appeared on Jeremy Vine’s top-rated BBC Radio 2 lunchtime show.

The programme regularly tops seven million listeners, making it one of the most popular in the UK in its timeslot, and alongside more serious news and current affairs, it regularly takes a look at lifestyle topics.

During the 25-minute sequence, they both answered questions about the hobby and the enjoyment it can offer, and showed Jeremy models in both 00 and N gauge to explain the space-saving options available.

Ben also explained how he’d decided to change career after three decades in journalism, while Mike listed the many aspects of model railways that can be enjoyed, from woodworking to weathering.

Jeremy even admitted that he’d considered starting a model railway himself during lockdown, subscribing to numerous magazines, but had become daunted by the extent of the work involved in creating a successful layout.

During the sequence, Ben and Mike assembled a small oval of track to demonstrate the latest technology in DCC Sound with a sample of Revolution’s forthcoming Class 59 diesel locomotive.

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Mike Hale said: “Often in the past, the media has mocked pastimes like model railways, but Jeremy’s interest was obviously sincere and I hope we were able to instill some of our passion into the millions listening in.”

Missed the show? If you’re interested in listening, the appearance is in the last half hour of the programme here:

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