Revolution Trains issues update on projects

14 October 2021
News on its Class 59 Co-Co, Mk. 5 coaches, 'Borail', YLA and YQA wagons for 'N' surfaces, with images of prototypes shared.

Revolution Trains has shared images of its current N gauge model projects, in various stages of development, from first EPs, to decorated samples.

Arguably its most important, the Class 59 has seen test mouldings of the bodyshells and centre covers received. Photographs highlight the 59/0 and 59/2 bodyshell differences, one with the centre cover fitted, one without. This feature replicates the prototype and is designed to make fitting a DCC decoder easier. Working samples are said to be expected shortly.

Revolution Trains Class 59

Also tooled, but not shown, are bodyshells for the original 59/0 without roof pods, the 59/1 (with slightly different roof pods to the 59/2), and the two unique locomotives – 59003 (with top-centre light) and 59005 (with 59/0 lights, a but 59/1 style roof.)

Mk.5 Revolution Trains

The Class 59 shells arrived with decorated samples of its Caledonian Sleeper Mk. 5 coaches. Commenting on the samples received, Revolution Trains said, "We are very happy with these, and barring a few tiny modifications, these will be going into production as soon as the factory has capacity." Power shortages have been problematic across China at the moment, and Revolution Trains is expecting to stop accepting pre-orders for these in the next six to eight weeks.


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Mk.5 Revolution Trains

Mk.5 Revolution Trains

Images show the Seated and Standard Sleeper cars, Accessible Sleeper and Club Car.

Also received by the manufacturer are first samples of its BR Borail EB/MB, EC, YLA 'Mullet', YQA 'Parr' and YQA 'Super Tench' wagons. Commenting on its wagon cavalcade, Revolution Trains said, "There is some work to do as usual on the fit of some parts but these models are on course for delivery in the middle of next year, and are now in tooling in OO gauge, too."

Revolution Trains Borail wagons

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