Revolution Trains Class 321s arrive with customers

24 February 2022
Newly-tooled N gauge models are en-route to customers who pre-ordered models, with three liveries to choose from.

Images: Richard Windsor

Revolution Trains is in the process of dispatching models of its long-awaited Class 321 models for N gauge to customers who pre-ordered the models. Almost five years since the first thread about the models was created on our forum, RMweb, feedback on the models appears to be initially favourable, with some users choosing to order models now, others having the following to say about the models:

"Right, can’t pass this up. Just pre-ordered a Strathclyde 320! That’s the birthday treat for myself sorted." greg81

"Fortunate to collect my 320/321's from the Post Office this morning after missing a delivery yesterday. Very impressed with the packaging and units, my thanks to the Revolution Trains team!" R1ch1ew

"The box is lovely. I haven't got any further yet, so that's the extent of my commentary, but a great first impression!" njee20

"I’ve had mine running, very quiet and smooth straight out of the box. Lovely unit just need to find out how to dim the saloon lights (DCC) rather than turning off and how to uncouple the cars once coupled up." Paul Cheffus

"Quick first impressions are that it's excellent, and a quick run up and down suggests lovely smooth running qualities with some very nice lighting. Super stuff!" TomE

"Mine arrived this morning, nice little model especially like the interior lighting, though it doesn't seem too happy on my Peco 2nd radius track, has a tendency to derail on it, not sure if it’s only R3 and above, otherwise quiet and smooth." Jack079


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Class 320/321 Revolution Trains

Mike Hale of Revolution Trains said, "Models are coming in two batches and it will take us a lot of time to process all the orders due to offering too many choices/second choices."

Meanwhile, Ben Ando of Revolution Trains added, "The couplers carry both power and the DCC control signals along the train. There is a Next-18 decoder socket on the PCB in the power car (it's the pantograph car, like the prototype) and all models have factory-fitted speakers to make upgrading to sound a snap."

Further details on these new models can be found on the Revolution Trains website.


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