Revolution Trains cancels APT-E project for 'N'

14 May 2021
Citing lack of interest from customers since it launched the project, the manufacturer calls quits on plans to produce models of the experimental tilting train in 1:148 scale.

Revolution Trains has cancelled its plans to produce a model of the experimental APT-E in N gauge. The manufacturer was investigating the feasibility with the National Railway Museum of reducing in scale Rapido Train's OO gauge APT-E for N, with questions over whether a tilt mechanism was possible within the confines of the narrow bodyshells.

Revolution Train's Ben Ando said, "We had high hopes that we'd be able to offer an N gauge version of the wonderful APT-E but it’s more than three years since we suggested the idea and expressions of interest have only reached 75% of our target. To give our supporters a sense of certainty and clarity, we feel it is only fair that we make a clear decision to step aside from this project, in the hope that another, better-placed manufacturer can come forward."

The gas-turbine powered APT-E operated in the early 1970s and was a vital test bed for a variety of technologies that are now commonplace, including high-speed wheel profiles and tilting mechanisms. In 1975 it set a UK rail speed record of 152.3 mph.

Mike Hale, of Revolution Trains, added, "We share the disappointment of those who'd pledged for an APT-E, however we still believe the APT-E can be a viable model in N and are optimistic that it will be produced by an alternative manufacturer in the not too distant future."

While Revolution Trains had opened expressions of interest for the APT-E, no money was taken as pledges never reached the threshold for the project to be formally launched.

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A new model announcement from the manufacturer is anticipated shortly. For further details on its current projects, visit its website.


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