Revolution Trains approves CAD for 'Zander' wagons

06 October 2020
Its two-axle N gauge engineers wagon heads into tooling, with samples expected in a few months' time.

Revolution Trains has approved CAD designs for its upcoming MTV/ZKV ‘Zander’ box wagon in N gauge. Tooling is now underway with samples expected in the next 6-8 weeks.

The MTV/ZKV wagons will go into production along with Revolution’s new Class A tankers, aimed at those modelling the 1950s-1990s – and another run of the Class Bs. Revolution Trains' model, much like the prototype, is derived from its award-winning Class B tankers.

Zander ZKV revolution trains

In the mid-1970s BR used the underframes from 150 redundant tank wagons to create the MTV box wagons. They were used primarily for stone, sand and scrap. The wagons often operated in pools – which were marked on the sides – or on specific flows. In the 1980s these were transferred to the engineers’ department, recoded ZKV and given the fishkind name ‘Zander.’ Some lasted long enough in service to receive the ‘Dutch’ grey and yellow livery, and Mainline branding.

For more details, incliding current pricing and availability, visit the Revolution Trains website.

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