Revolution receives 'Ealnos' wagon samples for 'N'

02 February 2021
The manufacturer takes delivery of its forthcoming N gauge MMA and JNA ‘Ealnos’ box wagons, said to be under assessment.

Revolution Trains is assessing principal dimensions and checking detail combinations to ensure accuracy of first engineering prototype samples of its forthcoming MMA and JNA 'Ealnos' box wagon samples. Saying that "some small modifications are necessary", the manufacturer is expecting to see decorated samples in another six to eight weeks, with models going into production shortly afterwards.

It is anticipated that some models will be available later from retailers for those who prefer not to pre-order, however the manufacturer has said that the price is likely to be higher.


For most liveries a version with a flashing red tail lamp is being offered, hidden by a moulded plastic ‘load’. All wagons are expected to be provided with a flat floor and a moulded load. Its N gauge model follows its well-received OO gauge version, released in 2019.


Introduced as recently as 2016, these are now the dominant box wagon on the modern network, with more than 900 in service or on order with companies including DB, Tarmac/Ermewa, VTG/Mendip Rail, Touax, Cappagh and GBRf. 

Revolution Trains MMA JNA Ealnos

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Nine-ribbed bodyside variants of Revolution Trains' MMA JNA 'Ealnos' wagons.

Wagons in operation with DB and Tarmac have nine bodyside ribs, while the remainder have 11 ribs. Within both types some also have small bodyside doors to aid cleaning out the inside. Revolution has tooled all variants of the body-style and corresponding body or bogie-mounted brake equipment. Wagons are available to pre-order with a variety of different running numbers in DB Red, Ermewa, Ermewa/Tarmac grey, Mendip Rail silver, VTG silver/VTG dark blue/VTG mid blue, GBRf dark blue, Cappagh blue and Touax red oxide.

Revolution Trains MMA JNA Ealnos

An 11-ribbed bodyside variant, note the visible underframe detail.

Revolution Trains' MMA JNA 'Ealnos' wagons.

As per prototypes, the underframe and layout of air equipment and brake rigging differs between nine and 11-sided variants.

The manufacturer has produced a useful guide showing where these wagons operate, and prototypical sample consists, available to view on its website.


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