Revolution gives 'green light' on MMA/JNA wagon

06 October 2020
The latest in a flurry of updates sees the manufacturer approve CAD drawings for its forthcoming MMA/JNA ‘Ealnos’ wagon in N.

Revolution Trains has approved CAD drawings for its MMA/JNA bogie hopper wagon for N gauge. The models are set to replicate the detail differences seen in the various prototype batches, and new tooling has been designed to enable the latest versions, in Touax dark red livery, to be offered.

The MMA/JNA box wagons – which carry the UIC international designation Ealnos – will be offered to N gauge enthusiasts in liveries selected from DB red, Ermewa/Tarmac grey, GBRf blue, VTG/Mendip Rail silver and VTG dark blue along with new liveries Touax maroon and Cappagh mid blue.

Revolution Trains MMA hopper wagon OO gauge

Revolution’s Mike Hale said, “The MMA box wagons seem to be in use everywhere these days, with more than 500 in service or about to arrive, and most modern image enthusiasts can justify at least a short rake.” The models will be supplied with a moulded removable stone load – this is used to disguise the PCB for the batteries and switch for the PCB for the working tail lamp that is being offered as an option.

Revolution’s Ben Ando added, “The MMA wagons have been very popular in 4mm:1ft scale, and we are already considering producing more, so we are hoping they’ll prove to be as useful to N gauge modellers.”

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For more details, including current pricing and availability, visit the Revolution Trains website.


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