Revolution approves samples of 'Ecofret' and IWA wagons

24 August 2020
The manufacturer approves first OO gauge samples of its van and timber flat IWA wagons for N and OO gauge, and receives decorated samples of its 'Ecofret' wagons for N gauge.

Revolution Trains has taken delivery of its IWA van and timber flat wagons for OO gauge. Samples of the same wagons in N gauge are expected soon, but the manufacturer has approved those it has received in OO gauge, with a few minor amendments required.

Available to order in both OO and N gauge, models are all being sold in twin packs of differently numbered models. For most liveries, at least two different twin packs are available. Models feature NEM couplers in kinematic sockets, underframe detailing including brake equipment and air tanks and detailed moulded bodies with numerous separate parts. The timber carriers are being marketed with the eight large side stakes fitted, as delivered, but all models will be supplied with additional smaller stakes for the customer to fit, if desired. Revolution Trains is now awaiting decorated samples.

Revolution Trains IWA

200 of the vehicles were built in the 1980s by Waggon Union of Germany for cross-channel ferry traffic, and internal Anglo-Scottish fertilisers. They carried Norsk Hydro or Cargowaggon liveries, or were left in unbranded silver. Over the years they were also used for steel, bagged clay, mineral water and newsprint and they are channel tunnel certified. Around two dozen remain in active service currently on aluminium traffic between northwest England and Germany. In 2006, around 40 were converted to timber carriers, with the removal of the roofs and sliding equipment, and replacement with side stakes. Delivered with eight large twin side stakes, additional narrow stakes have been fitted to many.

'Ecofret' livery samples

Revolution Ecofret

In other news, Revolution Trains’ FWA ‘Ecofret’ container wagons in 00 and N are nearing production, as it has taken delivery of decorated samples. The manufacturer expects to close the order book within the next few weeks. The models have been produced with the kind co-operation of VTG UK and are designed to take C-Rail containers in OO and N gauge. They feature standard NEM couplers in kinematic sockets, numerous separately-fitted details on the spine and also, on the OO gauge models, four separate damping rods on every bogie. In common with the prototype, the VTG green units – in use with Freightliner – are in twin-packs only, while the GBRf blue and DB red versions are in triple sets.

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“We are delighted with these decorated samples, nearly all the lettering and small markings are legible – in both scales – and the colours are as accurate as they can be,” said Revolution’s Mike Hale.

The Ecofret concept sees the use of shorter 40ft decks to maximise the space available on container trains. Like the real thing, the centre cars on each twin set are designed to be able to take two 20ft containers with centre spigots that, on the OO model, can be flipped into position. The N model is supplied with the spigots in a separate bag.

For updates and further information on the models, visit the Revolution Trains website, or see your local stockist.






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