Revolution announces WIA car carriers in 00 and N

25 April 2024
Revolution Trains is offering the imposing WIA 5-piece articulated car carriers (UIC code: Sefoorss) as its next wagon model in both OO and N.

CAD work is complete, and once sufficient orders are reached, tooling will begin.

The Revolution model features articulation units designed to enable the wagons to negotiate Radius 2 curves and the customer-fit detailing pack includes a representation of the outer control box if the tension-lock coupler is removed.

About the prototype

60 five-piece sets were ordered by Railfreight Distribution from Arbel-Fauvet of France ahead of the opening of the Channel Tunnel in 1994. The full covering not only offered protection from stones and theft, but also saved time and money because new vehicles did not require wax protection.

Although impossible to see from the outside, the units are double-decked and the pale blue covers are raised in unison on self-contained jacks to allow easy loading and unloading. The characteristic angled roof profile is designed to maximise the use of the British loading gauge.

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The WIAs were initially under-utilised, however, they operated on various flows to Belgium, Italy and France, and also on domestic traffic between manufacturing plants and domestic terminals or docks for export.

Current flows include Minis from Cowley and Jaguars from Castle Bromwich to Southampton Docks.

Please note that the CAD images in this article are of the OO models. 

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