Revealed: LNER/LMS 'Lowmac' for 'OO'

25 August 2023
Expected in Q4, 2024, 4mm:1ft scale models of these 25T machinery wagons promised by Rapido Trains UK.

Rapido Trains UK is to produce models of the LNER/LMS 25T machine wagon, better known as the Lowmac. Promising to produce "the most-detailed version of the Lowmac wagon to date, its model will feature a combination of die-cast metal and injection-moulded plastic construction, with brass bearings, and moulded lashing rings. In addition, an optional load representing a set of four replacement wheels and their carriers is promised.

Rapido Trains UK Lowmac

Rapido Trains is to produce 11 SKUs that cover liveries from the original 1944 design to its most modern engineering guise, and everything in between. Models are due in Q2 of 2024, with models currently in tooling. The manufacturer says it "hopes to have samples shortly." Meanwhile, orders are being taken from the manufacturer or one of its retailers with an RRP of £39.95.

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Rapido Trains UK lowmac


  • SKU 929001: LOWMAC 'MAC PV' No.260863 - LNER Red Oxide
  • SKU 929002: LOWMAC Code U1R No.700729 - LMS Bauxite
  • SKU 929003: LOWMAC 'EP' No.E260885 - BR Bauxite
  • SKU 929004: LOWMAC 'EP' No.E263298 - BR Bauxite
  • SKU 929005: LOWMAC Diagram 54a No.M700721 - BR Bauxite
  • SKU 929006: LOWMAC 'EP' No.B904500 - BR Bauxite
  • SKU 929007: LOWMAC 'ZXQ' DB904525 - BR Red Oxide
  • SKU 929008: LOWMAC 'ZVV' DE263289 - Engineers Olive
  • SKU 929009: LOWMAC 'ZVV' ADM700703 - Engineers Olive
  • SKU 929010: LOWMAC 'ZXW' KDE263282 - Satlink Red/Yellow
  • SKU 929011: LOWMAC 'ZXV' B904502 - Engineers Yellow

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