Rev. W Awdry's house for sale

06 October 2019
The house where the Rev. W Awdry lived while he wrote the first books in the series that became "Thomas the Tank Engine" is for sale. The ultimate railway enthusiasts home?

While Vicar of Emneth in Norfolk from 1953 to 1965, the Rev. Wilbert Awdry needed to find some suitable bedtime stories for his son, Christopher.

Inspired by the sound of steam engines working the line running through the Box Tunnel, he created a series of characters that nearly 75 years later, children all over the world would know as "Thomas and friends".

In addition to writing the tales, he built an extensive model railway in the attic of the house. Sadly, this no longer exists, but should you feel the need to recreate it, the property is now up for sale, complete with a blue plaque to commemorate the author. 

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It's obvious that the seller is also a railway enthusiast from some of the estate agents photographs, perhaps an interest in trains comes with living there? Those grounds would be perfect for a garden scale or even ride-on line!

Full details of the house on the Rightmove website.


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