Rapido Trains updates on projects with CAD images

08 February 2021
The first views of the manufacturer's 15XX, Hunslet 16in and gunpowder van for 'OO', plus Metrovick Type 2 for 'N', emerge.

Rapido Trains has shared CAD images of its OO gauge projects, currently under development. In its second UK newsletter, Rapido Trains has updated customers on a number of its model projects announced late last year, when it declared its 'official entry' to the UK model railway market.

First in-line is its GWR 15XX 0-6-0PT, the CAD for which appears almost complete, though Rapido Trains has said that "a few more minor tweaks are to be made before it's ready for tooling." A video tour of the CAD for this model can be viewed, below:

Rapido 15XX

Rapido Trains has identified the need to make the bunker and cab of its 15XX a single moulding. An engineering prototype sample is expected before year end.

Also close to completion is the CAD for its Hunslet 16in 0-6-0ST, a video of which can be viewed below:

Rapiod Trains Hunslet 16in

Its Hunslet 16in 0-6-0ST appears to be nearing completion, with an engineering prototype sample also expected later this year.

Rapido Trains said, "They’re so close that we don’t know which one is going to be finished first. You can see from the renders that both are going to be super little locomotives. Jason’s favourite is the ‘15XX’. He loves its complexity and complicated tooling and says that we have to find more locomotives just like it…"

Rapido Trains Gunpowder van

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Meanwhile, its gunpowder van for OO gauge has entered tooling. Rapido Trains has said that tooling will enable key detail changes to produce BR's Dia. 1/260 van to lots 2490, 2499 and 2544, the GWR's Dia. Z4 and the RCH standard gunpowder van design. Rapido Trains commented, "We expect that the mould shop will actually start cutting steel just after Chinese New Year (so late Feb/early March)."

Rapido Trains Gunpowder van

The RCH version of Rapido Trains' gunpowder van. It has said that some wagons will come with vacuum pipes and cylinders.

Rapido Trains added that not every detail difference has been possible however, "The eagle-eyed will no doubt spot a couple of minor differences that we haven’t been able to include. We’ve not managed to model some tiny bracing plates that were on the end stanchions of some vehicles but not others and that we have had to include lamp irons on all versions. Rapido’s philosophy, be it in North America or the UK, is to try to offer every detail difference that we’re physically able to make. But there are limits."

Rapido Trains Metrovick Type 2 Co-Bo

The manufacturer's N gauge announcement of the Metrovick Type 2 'Co-Bo' (later, Class 28) is also said to be progressing well, with a "very good possibility that the little Class 28 might overtake the two steam locomotives and make it into shops by the end of the year".

CAD images confirm that design work of the new model is well-advanced, however the manufacturer is seeking help from enthusiasts for sound files for this model, "We have hit a slight snag, however. Do you have any sound footage of a MetroVick Type 2 in action? We want to get cracking on our sound version but as the Crossley HST V8 two-stroke diesel was unique on BR and the class were early casualties, finding suitable material is proving a tad difficult."

For more information on these models, including pricing and specification, visit the Rapido Trains website.


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