Rapido Trains UK to make model bus

22 April 2022
Anniversary birthday of the Leyland National celebrated with announcement of new 1:76 scale models.

Rapido Trains UK is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Leyland National bus with a new range of 1:76 scale models. The manufacturer is to laser scan a Mk. 1 and a Mk. 2 National at Transport Museum Wythall today. The range of models, livery options, prices and delivery dates have yet to be confirmed. Rapido Trains UK says that customers can have a say on what versions and liveries are to be produced.

The scanning process is the first stage in the model development and enables Rapido’s designers to capture the National’s distinctive shape. The new models are expected to match the standards set by its critically-acclaimed 1:76 scale WMPTE Fleetlines and BCT ‘New Look’ Guys.

Full specifications are to be confirmed, but we expect to see an injection-moulded plastic body to enable panel lines and rivets to be rendered. A detailed interior will be visible through the flush-fitting windows and the new National is also planned to have working steering.

Cumberland Motor Services became the first operator to receive Leyland Nationals, with ERM35K being handed over on March 13, 1972. To celebrate this, ‘LN50’ events are to take place at Whitehaven on April 30/May 1 and at Gaydon on July 2 to mark 50 years since it entered revenue-earning service.

Sales & Marketing Manager Richard Foster said, “The Leyland National is a true ‘Marmite bus’. But love it or loathe it, the National played a seminal role in British bus history. Given that the National celebrates such a milestone this year, we’re delighted to announce that we’re adding it to our growing range of 1:76 scale buses and coaches.”

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For more information, visit the Rapido Trains website.


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At last a definitive model of the National from Rapido! Don’t waste money on the outdated Bachmann (old EFE tooling with no mirrors and goldfish bowl windows) model. The dual door versions carried the least interesting liveries too. The Rapido model will be the only one to match the exquisite detail of todays model railway locos, rolling stock and liveries.

Posted by Denis Chick on Fri 29 Apr 18:08:10

Did you know the National and the other great marmite from British Leyland the Austin Maxi share one thing in common? The drivers cab door catch uses the Maxi's rear passenger seat squab lock..

Posted by Ian Pennick on Mon 25 Apr 22:26:50