Rapido Trains introduces locomotive smoke system

26 November 2022
Manufacturer signs exclusive deal with TRS Trains to bring smoke-fitted locomotives to UK and North American markets.

Rapido Trains UK has signed an exclusive deal with TRS Trains to bring smoke-fitted locomotives to the UK and North American markets. TRS Trains currently retro-fits models with its revolutionary technology. This synchronises the exhaust with the ‘chuff’ sound on the decoder, expelling the smoke vapour through the chimney just like a real locomotive, rather than the foggy mist that some smoke generators make.

The initial deal covers two projects: a large ‘OO’ gauge locomotive for the British market, which Rapido UK will unveil next year, while Rapido Trains Inc will fit the smoke system into a forthcoming North American ‘HO’ project.

Sales & Marketing Manager Richard Foster said, “We’re thrilled to be able to offer TRS Trains smoke system in our models and are delighted that TRS has chosen us to work with us. It is a huge privilege to be able the only model railway manufacturer to be able to make and sell models fitted with this technology.

TRS trains smoke system

The TRS system retro-fitted to a NRM/Rapido 'Stirling Single'. Its 'Stirling Single' won't be offered with the TRS system.

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“This technology is fantastic and looks so realistic, especially when you see models fitted with working drain cocks. What’s amazing about it is that it just uses cold water. No oil or heating elements or anything which might be hazardous or might damage your model.

“We don’t know exactly which features we’ll be able to include as development is still underway but we can say that it will take Rapido models to a whole new level.”

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