Rails of Sheffield: exclusive Inspection Saloon for 'OO'

01 June 2023
New model launched exclusively via retailer, produced by Dapol’s premium Black Label brand.

Rails of Sheffield has revealed plans for new models of the GWR Q13 Inspection Saloon in OO gauge (1:76 scale). Available to pre-order now with a £20 deposit, the first samples are "due soon", with decorated samples due in November. Delivery of models is expected in June, 2024, priced at £149.95 each.

Six liveries are to be produced initially:

  • BR WR Chocolate & Cream, Double Lined - W 80943
  • BR WR Chocolate & Cream, SYP - W 80976 W
  • BR Blue & Grey, Full Yellow End - ADW 80970
  • BR Executive - DW 80975
  • BR Scotrail - DW 80975
  • GWR Chocolate & Cream, Twin Cities Crest - 80972

"Top-class quality and highly-detailed features" are expected according to the retailer, while a list of the top-level specification is below. Rails of Sheffield expects demand to be high for this new model.

Key features

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  • Warm White Interior light bar
  • 18-pin DCC socket
  • Directional red/warm white lamp fitted at one end
  • Stay-alive capacitor
  • Plug-less light bar connection
  • Light switches for DC use
  • Removable roof to allow further detailing
  • Separately fitted cables, wipers, lamp irons, horns & gong
  • Open windows with separately moulded curtains
  • Gloss metal-like paint finish
  • Diecast chassis
  • Cosmetic pipes and coupling fitted on one end
  • Sprung buffers
  • NEM sockets
  • Highly detailed bogies with separately fitted details
  • Blackened DOGA spec. wheels
  • EM & P4 compatible
  • Separately fitted detailed chairs, tables and luggage racks
  • Accurate blue interior base and white ceiling

Available to pre-order now, head to www.railsofsheffield.com for more information.

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